What’s in the Course?

The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource consists of hours of audio and video training material. PDF text documents are also included so you can read along with the audio if required.

It is arranged over 12 modules.

Module 1 : The Sounds In The British Accent

This was my first presentation that I narrated. It was originally on sale as a stand alone product. I decided to include it within this course as it provides a great start to the program.

Module 2 : Spoken Sounds
This is an in-vision short video showing a close up of the mouth forming the different sounds. Watch and copy how to place your mouth, lips and tongue to accurately replicate the RP sounds.

Module 3 : Extra Vocab Practice

These are lists of hundreds of words to help you practice each of the different sounds. The sounds are divided into affricates, diphthongs, fricatives, laterals, long vowels, plosives, semi-vowels, short vowels and nasal consonants.

Module 4 : Minimal Pairs – NEW MODULE !

Module 5: Top 300 Verbs

Most commonly used verbs in present tense.

Module 6: Top 500 Words with sentences

Most commonly used words in English. Hear them used in a sentence also.

Module 7: Telephone vocab and Conversations

Immensely useful module if telephone work is integral to your job.

Module 8 : 40 Conversations Roleplays

Listen to 40 different situations and the conversations that are created around these situations.

Module 9 : Connected Speech

If you want to sound like a native speaker, learn the aspects of connected speech. This will make your conversation sound more natural and fluent.

Module 10: Stress – NEW MODULE

Module 11: Phrases and Sayings / Mispronounced Words

Popular English phrases and sayings. Small section of some of the more commonly mispronounced words

Module 12: Industry Vocab

Learn vocab specific to the industries of Sales, Marketing, Law, IT, Human Resources and Advertising

BONUS 1 : Nursery Rhymes

Collection of 50 well-known nursery rhymes

BONUS 2 : Fairytale Stories

10 popular fairytales.

BONUS 3: Another 10 Fairytales (NEW)

BONUS 4 : News Articles (NEW)



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