The Dining Table

Can I teach myself the British Accent?

teach myself the British accent


YES YOU CAN… teach yourself how to pronounce the mundane, everyday words and phrases, in a RP British accent. Grow your confidence by getting the correct pronunciation of those commonly used words. What can be more everyday than setting the table.

Hear the pronunciation of the items you’ll use when laying out the table.

Teach yourself by listening, repeating and comparing.  Make sure you take the time to really listen to the pronunciation.  Are you hearing the sounds correctly? Remember, that not all of the British accent sounds may be in your own native language.  If this is the case, listen extra carefully and take your time over your repetition.

If you need help getting these sounds pronounced correctly, consider purchasing the 9 Weeks To A Great British Accent course. Its available as a stand-alone course for £25 or you can purchase it as part of the British Accent Bundle


Setting The Table


Do you think that knowing the correct pronunciation of the Top 500 English words will bring confidence and clarity to your British Accent?  Having immediate pronunciation recall of these words will allow your accent to sound more fluent and natural.  Learn the pronunciation of the top 500 words in the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource.

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