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Sports British Pronunciation

Sports: British Pronunciation Help…..

Here is a collection of vocab loosely based around the topic of Sport.  The world of Sport can cover numerous strands – the different types of games and sports, the equipment and kit used for each, the popular teams associated with different sports and famous events and tournaments in the world of sport. I hope you enjoy learning the British Accent pronunciation of some Sports words and phrases.  If you have a request for a particular list of sports vocabulary, please do get in touch: Send your list of vocab to be recorded and included in this section.


Wimbledon Vocab:




Set point



Strawberries & cream

Centre court

Sports Day Vocab:

100 meter sprint

PE Kit

Egg and spoon

Sack race

Sports field



Football Clubs:

Formula One Vocab:


It is often helpful to listen to longer narrations when learning to speak with a new accent.  Take a listen to this sports related audio article on the subject of Curling.

More conversations and narrations are available as part of the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource. Want to know more?  Follow the link to see What’s Included in this British Accent training resource

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