Pregnancy And Baby Vocab: Speak Confidently in a British Accent

speak confidently with a British accent: Pregnancy and Baby VocabBritish Accent Practice: Pregnancy and Baby Vocab

Would you like to achieve a naturally sounding received pronunciation British accent?

By learning how to correctly say commonly used words, your confidence in  your own spoken English and accent will soar!  Conversations around children, pregnancy and babies are one of those topics that can come up time and time again.

Speak Confidently….

Its worth taking a little time to refresh your memory of the correct RP pronunciation of words and phrases often used during this topic of conversation.

Take your time and listen to these short audio and video clips . Repeat each of the words/phrases until you become confident in your pronunciation.  By repeating often enough, you will naturally  form the correct mouth placement to produce the correct sound and pronunciation.


Audio: Pregnancy Vocab


Audio: Babies and Toddler Vocab


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