Physical Characteristics : How to Describe A Person

Tell Me What He Looks Like!

describing a person


Can you describe the person sitting next to you?

If you were asked what a person looked like – could you do it?

Describing a person to someone who’s never met them can be quite a challenge. Its useful to have a stock of commonly used adjectives in your back pocket ready to use.

In these video and audio files you will hear a selection of the most commonly heard words to describe someone’s physical attributes and descriptions of complexion.

Can you use these words to describe a friend, a colleague or character in a TV show? If there are any key descriptive words or phrases you’d like to hear the RP British pronunciation for, just add them in the comment box!

I hope you enjoy practicing the different ways of describing a person.  Remember to record yourself as you repeat the words and playback your recording to check the pronunciation.

Physical Characteristics 1:

Physical Characteristics – Complexion:

How’s Your Accent Coming Along?

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