Frequently Asked Questions:


How Many Courses Do You Have ?

Currently I have 2 courses :
The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource
&  9 Weeks To A Great British Accent

These are different courses – they are not the same!




Do I download the Ultimate RP British Accent resource or access it online?

You can do either!  If you prefer to have all the files downloaded onto your own PC or Mac then choose the Digital Download option.
If you prefer to access the training material online, then you can become a full member of the Private Membership Site.
Both options are available at the same price of £49.00



Where Should I Start?????

Such a common question!  To help, I have created a Start Here page.  Take a look, and begin your accent journey

Start Here





How Long Do I Have Access To The Course Material?

Once purchased, you have life-time access to the course content. It is a one-time payment only for each of the courses – no monthly or yearly subscriptions!





 3How long does it take to learn the RP British Accent?

This is one question that everyone asks!  Unfortunately its not possible to give a definite answer.  If you have a natural ‘ear’ for accents, you could  be speaking with an authentic RP British accent in a few weeks.  Generally, if you are able to practice for 15-30mins a day, you should notice
a big improvement within a few months.  The more time you are able to practice, the quicker you will be able to learn!





Are the British Accent courses only available in the UK?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to complete sales to EU residents. We will be able to process your sale if you are resident in the UK or any other country outside of the EU.  As long as you are able to make your payment via paypal ( I appreciate that not all countries allow access to the Paypal site) and you have a computer with an internet connection reliable and quick enough to download or play video files then you are able to access the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource and the 9 Weeks To A Great British Accent.




How can I join the Ultimate RP British Accent training course?

Just decide if you wish to download all the video, audio and PDF files ( click on the Digital Download Option)
Access the training course online by choosing the Membership to the Private Members Site option
Click here to Join





Is my English good enough to join the Ultimate RP British Accent course?

You need to be a competent English speaker before trying to master a particular accent.  If you are a confident English speaker then your English is good enough to start working on your accent.





Do I have to join a class or can I learn the British accent on my own in my own time?

With the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource & the 9 Weeks To A Great British Accent course, you are able to teach yourself to speak in a British accent at your own speed at a time that suits you.  You are not constricted by a schedule of lessons or classes.  Listen and watch the training material whenever it fits with your schedule!




Are you too embarrassed to learn to speak with a RP British Accent in front of other students?

The Ultimate RP British Accent and the 9 Weeks to a Great British Accent are both self-study courses. You can teach yourself to speak with a British accent in the comfort of your own home, without the inconvenience of attending classes. You can make your own mistakes without fear of embarrassment or ridicule from other students.




Do you offer any 1-1 coaching classes?

Sadly I am unable to provide personal coaching or training.  My work as a Voiceover Artist does not leave me any spare time to help people on an individual basis. I created these personal study courses so I could reach as many people who needed help with their British Accent as I could.





Do you offer a Guarantee?

I want you to empower yourself and take responsibility for your own transformation.  I can provide you with the tools, but unless you are prepared to put in the work – I cannot guarantee your success.

You CAN improve your accent

You CAN achieve success

It’s down to you – I believe you have the ability and mental attitude to take the course contents and use it to improve and change your accent.




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