Countries And Nationalities

Welcome to today’s British Accent Training post!

The first video and audio is here to help you learn and correctly pronounce the different countries that make up the British Isles.  Everyone is familiar with England, but what other countries are included in the British Isles?

Watch the Video:

or listen to the Audio:

The following audio covers the pronunciation of a small selection of countries and the description of their nationality. As you will hear I have only covered a very small sample of countries and nationalities.  If I’ve not included a country or nationality that you would like to hear its RP British Accent pronunciation please leave a comment or email me.  I shall include your suggestions in future updates!

Countries & Nationalities Audio:

Country                                Nationality

Afghanistan                          Afghan
Australia                               Australian
Brazil                                     Brazilian
China                                     Chinese
Denmark                               Danish
France                                    French
Germany                               German
Iran                                        Iranian
Italy                                        Italian

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