The British Accent Bundle

British Accent Bundle - Master the British AccentAre You Learning English?

Does it sound funny in your own native accent?
Do you think it would sound better and clearer in a British Accent?

Could a British Accent Help You:

  • Communicate more successfully when speaking English
  • Avoid being asked to repeat what you just said
  • Open up promotion and job opportunities with your new confident communication skills
  • Stop feeling embarrassed by poor pronunciation
  • Stop that ‘left behind feeling’ with your colleagues and friends. Feel more connected with your social group and work colleagues


The British Accent Bundle will help you get the speaking voice you want!

What is The British Accent Bundle?

It is a collection of 2 courses designed to help you learn the received pronunciation British Accent.

Course 1 : The 9 Weeks To A Great British Accent –

Online Membership Course: Learn to pronounce all the different sounds found in the RP British accent. 45 short videos serialised over 60 days. Teaching you the pronunciation of each of the British Accent sounds; the building blocks to learning the British accent.

Course 2 : The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource –

Digital Download & Online : 12 modules of audio and video British Accent training. Modules include Connected Speech, Top 500 Words with sentences, Top 300 Verbs and 40 Conversations.

Buy the Bundle at a Discounted Rate of only £70.

Get the course TODAY and master the British Accent by the New Year

9 Weeks To A Great British Accent Course
45 Videos serialised over 9 Weeks
For more information about the course content please visit 9 Weeks To A Great British Accent
Ultimate RP British Accent Course
12 modules of Audio / Video RP British Accent Training.
Visit the Ultimate RP British Accent for purchase options and course content information


Course info:

The 9 Weeks course is accessed through the membership portal at The course content is not downloadable but you do have lifetime access once purchased.

The Ultimate RP Learning Resource is available to download &  the course contents are also available on the membership portal of the website. Click on the subscriptions tab when you log on to see the links to both courses