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Spoken English Language Vocab: British Accent


Spoken English Language: Example Forms

Today’s post is a collection of vocab that can be used to describe aspects of the spoken language of English. This collection of vocab covers a broad spectrum of words you may use to describe the form of spoken language : for example – Joke or Chat.  It also includes other more general descriptive words used in conversations about language.

As an accent student, your aim is to improve your spoken English language.  Listen to each of the audio recordings and repeat each word you hear.  Are you able to replicate the correct pronunciation?  It may be worthwhile recording yourself as you repeat each of the words.  Listen back and compare your version with the mp3’s below.

What’s Included?

Vocab covered:

  • Answer
  • Argue
  • Ask
  • Chat
  • Communicate
  • Communication
  • Email
  • Grammer
  • Interpret
  • Joke
  • Letter
  • Mean
  • Meaning
  • Mention
  • Message
  • Pronounce
  • Pronunciation
  • Question
  • Say
  • Sentence
  • Shout
  • Speak
  • Tell
  • Translate
  • Word

Language Part One:

Language Part Two:

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