Adjectives and their Opposites

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Helping You Get A British Accent….

There are three steps to improving your British accent speaking voice.
Step one: listen to a native RP British Accent speaker 

Step two: repeat what you hear, aiming to imitate the correct pronunciation

Step three: compare your version with the native British speaker – are the two versions matching?  If not, try again until you are able to produce an accurate reproduction.

If you are still struggling to master some of the words and phrases you’re repeating, it may be worth going back to basics and making sure you are pronouncing the specific British Accent sound correctly.  The 9 Weeks To A Great British Accent is a great resource to help you master each of the different sounds that make up the received pronunciation British accent.  You get lifetime access so you are able to refresh your memory on the pronunciation techniques anytime, anywhere.

Pronouncing Adjectives and their opposite partners….

In this post you will hear and learn the pronunciation of some familiar adjectives. And their commonly used opposites.

What is an adjective? :  “a word naming an attribute of a noun, such as sweet, red, or technical.”

More helpful information about Adjectives can be found on the BBC Bitesize website

Listed below are the adjectives you will hear in the mp3 audio files.  As you listen, why not record yourself on your smartphone as you attempt their pronunciation.  Don’t worry if you don’t get it right first time – remember Practice Makes Perfect!

The videos and audios available on the blog are available for free to help you get a British Accent. I hope you find that these small, mini tutorials help you develop your English speaking voice. Please bookmark this website so you can return to it on a regular basis to practice speaking English with a RP British accent.


Happy / sad

Excited / bored

Beautiful / ugly

Dry /wet

Naughty / well-behaved

Noisy / quiet

Strong / weak

Horrible / nice

Narrow / wide

Late / early

Rich / poor

Expensive / cheap

Difficult / easy

Healthy / sick

New /old

Hot / cold

Small / large

Young / old

Empty / full

Married / single

Part One:

Part Two:



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