About Me

I’m Alison Pitman and I am a professional Voiceover Artist.

I speak with a Native Received Pronunciation British Accent.

Companies and brands use my voice on a daily basis to promote their products and services.

Why do they choose my voice ? Their image is important to them. They’re looking for a traditional British accent which immediately says
“classic” , “upper-class” , “sophistication” , “intelligence” – all features encapsulated in my RP British accent speaking voice.

I’m not an accent trainer, dialect coach or linguist – but I can show YOU how you can speak just like me.
With my British accent pronunciation practice material you can train your voice to speak with an RP British Accent.

How Can You Get A British Accent?

  • listening,
  • repeating,
  • self-correcting how to place your tongue, lips, mouth and teeth as you make the individual vowel and consonant sounds
  • constantly comparing yourself with my correct pronunciation examples
  • repeating the process above

You too will soon be speaking with a natural RP British accent.

Take a look at the British Accent Training I have available…..