Month: November 2016

Ways Of Cooking Food: LIVE VIDEO

My latest Facebook LIVE video.  This video covered some vocab on Ways of Cooking Food.  Watch and hear the Received Pronunciation British Accent of: Boiling Simmering Grilling Stewing Steaming Deep Frying Pan Frying Baking Roasting I hope you find these

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British Accent speaker narration: Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Enjoy the narration of this British Accent speaker (me!) and record your own excerpt in your British Accent. I hope you enjoy listening to all these fairytales excerpts. Don’t forget that the collection of complete fairytale

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Audio News Article: “Guide To Curling”

  Today’s recorded news article is on the subject of Curling.  The original article was written as part of the buildup to the 2014 Winter Olympics and can be found on the BBC online magazine. I have included the article

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Directional and Measuring Vocab : Spoken English Practice Clips

Spoken English Practice: Audio and Video Clips Today’s selection of vocab is to help with your spoken English when discussing measurements or direction of movement. Measurement Vocab covers: ounce pound kilo feet metre centimetre mile kilometer Listen and repeat them.

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British Accent Practice through the magic of Fairytales (audio)

The Leap Frog: British Accent Practice Fairytales transport us to other worlds.  They magic up distant lands where animals speak and everyone lives happily ever after. Most of all they are entertaining stories which are beautifully written and lend themselves

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Practice Your British Accent through Fairytale Stories

 The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids Curl up with a cup of coffee, snuggle into the sofa and take a listen to this excerpt of the Wolf and the Seven Little Kids. Enjoy the story?  Great!  Now its time

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5 Benefits Of Fairytales

   SNOW WHITE What are FIVE Benefits of Fairytales Hear and recognise the features of Connected Speech Expand and develop Vocabularly Improve Comprehension skills Get more accustomed to the fluency and speed of English in a British accent Entertaining –

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How To Speak With A British Accent with the help of The Little Match Girl

  The Little Match Girl I think this is one of the most saddest of all the fairytales.  Take a listen to Part one of the audio recording below. If you would like to hear the rest of the story,

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Enhance Your British English Pronunciation with Storytelling (audio)

The Elves and the Shoemaker Enjoy your British accent training with this fairytale. Sit back with the transcript and follow the script as you listen. – Are you understanding what is being said? – Can you replicate the speech in

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British Accent Help : Learning through the News

Bully In The Bedroom Are you listening to the news on a daily basis? If you don’t get the opportunity to listen to English news reports spoken with a received pronunciation British accent, then use these recorded articles to help

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