Month: September 2016

Colours – British Accent Practice Videos

Pronunciation of Colours Are you confident with your pronunciation of the most common colours in English? If you want to refresh your memory, or check that you’ve got the received pronunciation correct, watch these two videos below. Knowing your colours

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The Best Phrases to Express Frustration (British Accent Practice Video)

  Phrases To Express Frustration Without Swearing Video for RP British Accent Training Tempting though it may be, using expletives to express frustration may not always be the most appropriate response.  For the majority of situations, a more refined expression

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Why You Should Listen to Fairytales.

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Albert Einstein   My main aim in presenting these fairytale recordings to you are to help you

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3 Reasons Why Listening To The News Can Help Your British Accent

The top three reasons are: Reason One:  News broadcasters have clear enunciation and pronunciation.  Their speech is clear and easily understood. I trained in Broadcast Journalism and was taught how to read news reports as the news reporters and anchors do.

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Goldilocks Fairytale Audio Recording – British Accent Training

Are you listening carefully? Then I’ll begin…. Fairytales are not just for children.  In fact, the original tales were often quite dark and included themes of murder, poverty and disfigurement. However they are a great way of absorbing the British

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News Article Audio : “Failure Drives Rocky Entrepreneurs to US Success”

Speak English, Improve Your Listening Skills & Hone Your British Accent Listening to longer narrations can really help you master the RP British accent.  This can allow you to hear the flow and nuances of the accent and improve your

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Back To School – Is Your RP British Accent Ready?

Back To School?   About to start a new class, college, or university? The new term is always an exciting time.  Full of promise and opportunity – a chance to start a fresh. But it can also be a time

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