Month: March 2016

School and Higher Education Vocab : Practice your RP British Accent

If you are a student or planning to come to the UK to study, you should find this selection of vocab particularly helpful. I have included both the audio and video files – video to help improve your English and

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Food And Drink – Savour this collection of British Accent Practice Vocab

You don’t need to be a foodie to want to talk about food and drink. Ordering at a restaurant, compiling a shopping list, requesting your favourite meal, offering a friend or colleague some refreshment – we all find ourselves in

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Welcome to this weeks podcast. Today’s episode is a collection of commonly heard Surnames. ¬†At various points in a conversation you may be required to use a persons surname. Here is a selection for you to practice so you can

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Rooms In The House – Vocab For British Accent Practice

Today’s post is a collection of vocab relating to rooms in the home and items that can be found within them. Rooms included are: Kitchen Living Room Bedroom I hope you find that these short training audio and videos not

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News Article Recording: Lauda, Hunt and Rush: How deadly was 1970s Formula 1?

  This news article is taken for the BBC magazine, available on the website   TRANSCRIPT: Most people would accept that Formula 1 is a dangerous sport, but is it really as treacherous as the new adrenaline-fuelled racing biopic

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21. First Names

Welcome to Episode 21 of the Learning British Accent podcast. Today’s show is a collection of popular male and female first names. As we all use people’s names in conversation, its important to learn the correct pronunciation so you are

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