Month: September 2015

Do you say AITCH or HAITCH

When pronouncing the letter ‘H’ , for example when you say HD (high definition), do you say AITCH or HAITCH? This can be a really tricky one, and I too have struggled with this pronunciation.  Yes, even native RP British

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How To Say Sword : British Accent Audio Clip

A quick audio clip for the pronunciation of Sword. This may not be a word that you have much use for, but learning the correct pronunciation of the English  Top 500 Words would really help you improve your accent. The

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Collection of Vocab: Finite, Suicide, Refugee, Formidable

A collection of random words whose pronunciation has been questioned.  Listen to how to say: finite suicide refugee formidable  

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How to say FALL – British Accent Audio clip

  Whether your talking about the American autumn or about a child falling over, the word FALL is pronounced the same.  Take a listen to how its said in a received pronunciation British Accent: If you would like to speak

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17.British Accent Vocab Pronunciation Practice:From Money Words to Giving Advice

Episode 17   Welcome to Episode 17 of the Learning British Accent Podcast. This weeks format is slightly different to past episodes.  Instead of listening and practicing with longer form narrations like the Fairytales and the News articles, thistime we

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