Month: July 2015

Blog Vocab – British accent audio

Small selection of the most commonly words used when talking about a Blog. blog post rant tag theme keyword

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Abbreviations – British Accent audio

Quick audio recording of some business abbreviations.  Learn how to say them with your RP British Accent: AGM AOB HQ PLC  

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Contracts Vocab – British Accent Audio

Discussing drawing up a contract? Whether in your work or personal life, you may have a situation where you need to talk Contracts.  Here’s some terms with their RP british accent pronunciation: agreement clause condition terms herein appendix

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Correspondence Vocab – British Accent Audio

Talking about writing a letter? Maybe these words will come in handy! Dear Address Registered Mail Yours faithfully Letterhead  

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CV Vocab – British Accent Audio

  If you have applied for a job or work placement you will more than likely be asked to discuss your CV at the interview stage. These words are used within the CV document.  Learn how to say them with

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Law Vocab – British Accent Audio

Some basic vocab used when talking about Law.  There is a more comprehensive list of Law vocab available as part of the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource barrister brief case court of law evidence guilty lawyer solicitor

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Money Vocab – British Accent Audio

You can’t avoid talking about money!  Here’s some terms and phrases you are bound to use in the future:         banknote bureau de change cash cash dispenser cashier coin currency exchange rate

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Giving Advice Phrases – British Accent Video

If you are asked to give some advice, then you may use some of these phrases: I don’t think you should…. You ought to…. You ought not to…. If I were you, I’d….. If I were in your position, I’d…

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More Family Relationships – British Accent Video

Some more ways to describe the family relationship: niece nephew parents sister son step-father step daughter twin twin sister / brother uncle wife ex-wife Watch on YouTube:

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Family relationships – British Accent Video

Describing people in relation to yourself or others: aunt brother cousin daughter father grandchild grandfather / mother husband mother Watch the video and practice repeating each of the words until you get each pronunciation correct.  Record yourself and play it

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