Month: March 2015

How to Pronounce the Silent Letters

      Selection of words with the silent B Selection of words with the silent C Selection of words with the silent G #britishaccenttraining

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British Accent Tip – Use Your Smart Phone

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11.How To Write A CV news article; Nationalities Vocab; Princess & The Pea Part2; I Had A Little Nut Tree Nursery Rhyme

Welcome to Episode 11 of the Learning British Accent Podcast. On this weeks show: 1. News Article : How To Write A CV Part1 2. Vocab : Nationalities 3. Fairytale: Princess and The Pea Part 2 4. Nursery Rhyme: I Had

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Nursery Rhyme : I Had A Little Nut Tree

Mini British accent practice audio . For more in-depth British Accent practice material get the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource I HAD A LITTLE NUT TREE I had a little nut tree, Nothing would it bear But a silver

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Princess & The Pea Part 2- Storytelling for British Accent help

Here is Part 2 of the popular fairytale The Princess and the Pea.  I hope you enjoy the story at the same time as learning British Accent pronunciation 🙂 If you would like more training materials to help you develop your

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Learning to speak English with a British Accent?

Today’s British Accent practice is an audio recording to help expand your English vocabulary as well as improve your accent.   A selection of Nationalities and the countries of origin: Nationality Country Nationality Afghanistan Afghan Australia Australian Brazil Brazilian China

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VIDEO – News article “How To Write A CV” – British Accent Training

Watch and listen to this recorded news article and practice your RP British Accent.  Listening to longer form texts helps understand how words are spoken in the context of a sentence rather than in isolation.  Would you like online training

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10.Hark Hark Nursery Rhyme, From Thought To Profit Part 3 (news article), Opposite adjectives Vocab, Princess and the Pea part 1

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Learning British Accent Podcast In todays Episode: 1. Hark Hark The Dogs do Bark Nursery Rhyme 2. From Thought To Profit News Article Part 3 3. Vocab – Opposites adjectives 4. Princess and the

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Princess and the Pea Part 1 – Fairytale recording for British Accent Practice

Take three minutes out of your busy day and listen to Part one of the Princess and the Pea.  An enjoyable way to immerse yourself in the British accent and absorb the different sounds that make up the RP accent.

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Improve Your Accent and Develop Your Vocab – Opposites Adjectives Vocab

Expand your vocabulary with this selection of words describing Opposites.   Opposites-Adjectives Happy / sad Excited / bored Beautiful / ugly Dry /wet Naughty / well-behaved Noisy / quiet Strong / weak Horrible / nice Narrow / wide Late /

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