Month: February 2015

Pinocchio Part 2 – British Accent Practice Audio

  I hope you enjoyed listening to Part1 of Pinocchio. Today’s audio recording is the 2nd and final part of the story. I have included the transcript of the story so you can follow along if you prefer. To improve

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8.Beauty Salon Vocab, Pinocchio Part 1, Lucy Lockett, From Thought To Profit 1

Welcome to this podcast from Learning British   On this weeks episode, tune in to hear: Beauty Salon Vocab Pinocchio Part 1 fariytale Lucy Lockett Nursery Rhyme News Article recording “From Thought To Profit Part 1”   TRANSCRIPT: Beauty

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News Article From Thought To Profit Part 1 – British Accent Video

Today’s British Accent practice is a recording of a news article found on the BBC website.  I hope you find these longer form narrations helpful in attuning your ear to the rhythm of the British accent. Watch out for Part

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Lucy Lockett Nursery Rhyme

A fun, quick rhyme to help improve your British Accent. Listen to the rhyme a couple of times, can you memorise it? Try and repeat it using the correct pronunciation. Record yourself and listen back – are there particular sounds

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Pinocchio Part 1

Welcome to today’s British Accent Practice audio, part one of the classic tale Pinocchio. Enjoy the story and take the opportunity to listen out for features of connected speech such as linking.  Here is the transcript of the complete story

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Beauty Salon Vocab: Practice your British Accent

  Today’s RP British accent practice is vocab relating to a Beauty Salon.  Listen and repeat the words (each word is repeated twice).   Here is a list of words included in the audio file:   Massage Facial Manicure Pedicure

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