What’s in the Course

 The Course has 12 modules.         Accent training is provided through:  
Mp3 Audio,    MP4 Video and PDF files.

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Who Is it For?

Are you:
  • Coming to the UK to study?
  • Does your work involve a lot of contact with international clients?
  • Would a clearer speaking voice help get you that pay rise or job promotion?
  • Are you an actor? Does your next role require an authentic britsh accent?
  • You may be a skilled professional looking to advance your career in the UK or other countries which use English as an official or business language: Teacher/Professor/Doctor

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How Much Does it Cost?

The course is available for £49       You have the option to choose to buy either                                                         - Digital Download of all the audio, video & PDF files or                                     -Join the Private Membership Site and access the training material online      

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