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SO lets talk about you…..

  • You’re a native English speaker or You’ve learnt to speak English as a 2nd language
  • You would like to reduce your own regional or local accent and develop more of an RP speaking voice
  • You feel your accent is holding you back. Do you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable when you speak?
  • An RP accent would improve your job/career prospects
  • Give you the edge for your next job promotion or interview
  • A clear speaking voice would increase your confidence and improve your communication skills with customers, clients, colleagues, friends and family
  • You’re an Actor/Actress needing to develop an RP British accent for your next character role or audition

Don’t let your Accent hold you back ! Take Control and improve your accent today
So how can I help you?


Having had a look in detail into the Ultimate British accent learning resource I can advise everybody who is seriously interested in learning the art of Received Pronunciation to purchase Alison Pitman’s new Downloads. On the one hand the customer will be introduced into phonetics and phonology whilst being taught how to survive in everyday situations such as phone calls on the other hand. All in all I can hardly think of any single point of criticism towards the Ultimate British accent learning resource – for those who want to learn from a professional native speaker this is an absolute must have!” Daniel L








I’m Alison Pitman and I am a professional Voiceover Artist.

I speak with a Native Received Pronunciation British Accent.

Companies and brands use my voice on a daily basis to promote their products and services.

Why do they choose my voice ? Their image is important to them. They’re looking for a traditional British accent which immediately says “classic” , “upper-class” , “sophistication” , “intelligence” – all features encapsulated in my RP British accent speaking voice.
I’m not an accent trainer, dialect coach or linguist – but I can show YOU how you can speak just like me.
With my British accent pronunciation practice material you can train your voice to speak with an RP British Accent.

How Can You Get A British Accent?

  • listening,
  • repeating,
  • self-correcting how to place your tongue, lips, mouth and teeth as you make the individual vowel and consonant sounds
  • constantly comparing yourself with my correct pronunciation examples
  • repeating the process above

You too will soon be speaking with a natural RP British accent.

Take a look at the British Accent Training I have available…..

British Accent Training

The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource

British Accent Pronunciation Practice Training Modules

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 Hours of Mp3 Audio and Mp4 Video pronunciation practice to help improve your RP British Accent

So what’s included:

        1. My original Sounds In The British Accent Presentation
        2. Complete set of vocab lists covering the different sounds of:
          Nasal Consonants
          Long Vowels
          Short Vowels
        3. In Vision video of close up of mouth speaking the different sounds found in the RP accent
        4. Top 300 Verbs
        5. Top 500 Common Words (with sentences)
        6. Telephone Practice
        7. 40 Conversations
        8. Connected Speech
        9. Phrases and Sayings / Mispronounced Words
        10. Industry Vocab:  Industries covered Law, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Sales and MarketingJUST ADDED:
        11. Collection of 50 Nursery Rhymes
        12.  Collection of popular Fairytales


Want to know more? Watch the video for more information:

Can’t see the Video? Download Here

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- Digital Download or

- Membership of the Private Members Site.

Whichever method you choose, you have access to exactly the same files.

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Still not sure?    Why not watch the recorded webinar for more information:


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Once you’re downloaded the training material, you may find that this infographic comes in handy. This offers a short guide as to how you can use the Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource. Of course, you can follow your own route through the training material, but if you are at a loss as to where to start this could be helpful!

How To Use Ultimate RP British Accent Resource






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The Ultimate RP British Accent Learning Resource
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